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Mark E. Linskey, MD
Mark E. Linskey, MD
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Thank you to all members of the CSNS for the trust you have shown by electing me to Chair the organization for 2013-15. I am deeply honored by your confidence, and humbled by the responsibility this position embodies. I will work my hardest, and do my very best, to justify the hope and trust that you have demonstrated. This great, growing, and evolving organization deserves nothing less.

The CSNS is the main socio-economic arm of our parent organizations, the AANS and CNS. We are responsible for the core socio-economic and health policy content of the national meetings of both organizations. We are major contributors to the socio-economic and practice components of all major organized neurosurgery educational initiatives and efforts. We have become the site and the crucible for identifying, developing, and testing neurosurgery talent for future organizational and leadership roles in our parent organizations and beyond. We provide major intellectual, personnel, and leadership development support for our AANS/CNS Washington Committee and our Neurosurgery PAC. Indeed since 2008, all six voting members of the Washington Committee have been current or previous leaders within the CSNS, and every Neurosurgery PAC Chairperson, since its inception, has been a leader from the CSNS. For the last 15 years, we have been the main avenue and mechanism for introducing neurosurgery residents to the workings of organized surgery while still in training through our highly competitive resident fellowship program, and our CSNS Washington Committee Resident Fellowship Program.

Most importantly, we are the only representational grass roots access avenue for local and regional neurosurgery concerns and ideas to be brought forward to the leaders of organized neurosurgery. Through our democratic resolution process, every neurosurgeon has a voice and can be heard. Every neurosurgeon can raise a concern or issue, introduce a new idea, or make a proposal. If it has merit and passes our resolution process, the resolution must be forwarded to, and responded to, by the AANS Board and the CNS Executive Committee. This degree of access is both a tremendous privilege as well as significant responsibility. Read More

Melany Thomas CSNS Endowed Fellowship Fund

Melany Thomas
Melany Thomas
Progress: $75,000 of $75,000 or 100%
Give to the Melany Thomas CSNS Endowed Fellowship Fund!

The CSNS has established the Melany Thomas CSNS endowed fellowship aimed to financially support a neurosurgical resident gain competence and understanding on the full spectrum of socioeconomic issues affecting the practice of neurosurgery.

The socioeconomic fellowships were established in 1999 and have been a very successful program in educating and training over 40 residents with the complex issues affecting neurosurgical practices.

A competitive process is in place for application and acceptance into the fellowship. The prospective fellows send an application which is reviewed by the Quadrant of the applicant's origin. Selection is made during the Quadrant's meeting at one of the semi-annual meetings and the selected applicant serves for a one-year term.

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